Día de la Memoria, Buenos Aires

DiaMemoriaSunday 24th March, tens of thousands demonstrated for Día de la Memoria, the 37th anniversary of the military coup which marked the beginning of Argentina’s last dictatorship, from 1976-83. Percussionists pounded their drums, children played in the streets, activists and theatrical supporters spontaneously performed stories of oppression and liberation. Thousands marched from the landmark Obelisk down Diagonal Norte and from 9 de Julio down Av. de Mayo to join the sea of people carrying posters with the images of the disappeared in Plaza de Mayo. Young people painted their bodies with the words ‘nunca mas’ (never again). This day truly had me in awe of the passion and unity of the people of Buenos Aires. The following is a collaborate photo essay, edited and published by myself  (other photographers: Simon Guerra and Julie Catarinella) >>>GO HERE>>>


Carnaval Boedo, Buenos Aires

Every year, throughout the month of February (summertime), Buenos Aires exhibits 37 parades across the different ‘barrios’ (neighbourhoods) of the city.

All night long, exhibitionists of all ages and sizes show off their choreography and gem studded costumes to the sound of rumbling drums.

some young performers I caught while waiting for the bus. Notice how they smoothly hide their smokes.

Some young performers I caught while waiting for the bus. Notice how they smoothly hide their smokes.

These smaller, more local parades are called ‘Murgas’ and were declared Cultural Heritage of the city in 1997.

Child performers take a break

Performances are said (by organizers) to use humour to comment on the Argentinian culture.

Festivities run all night and into the morning hours.

Year of the Snake 2013 (from Buenos Aires)

So, I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for the last 3 weeks…1 month (not sure..time has warped itself), and I am working with a talented bunch of people at The Argentina Independent covering all sorts of stories in Argentina as well as important events/issues in South America in general. I will be posting my favourite photos to my website, but as we are constantly publishing content, I thought it best that I link some of my stories on this here blog. Please excuse any defragmentation of my grammar in English, as I am doing my best to learn Spanish and it requires deconstruction and unconscious communication.

This past weekend I celebrated Año Nuevo Chino with local porteños, and let me tell you- they are REAL serious about it. I was nearly trampled over by people wanting to cop a feel of the dragon for good luck. Please check out the photo essay I edited/published today- a collaborative effort- HERE.

This year, the water snake guides us with an air of mystery, cleverness and even seduction. The snake is a trickster, and she is very efficient in getting what she wants. Even in times of retreat, we should not mistake her stillness for inaction, as she is only planning her next play. Let this be the year that we move smoothly through our tasks, quickly and quietly!