Medium is the Message


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this idea Marshall McLuhan had- ‘the medium is the message’….it started with a struggle to accept a relationship now gone cyber. Our generation, I believe, has the advantage of having known what the world was like (or at least our own world) without cyber identities and social media online. I distinctly remember the day that my father’s advertising studio received their first desktop PC and nothing was the same after that. As my wise friend Kate pointed out last night, the WWW is still pretty young! Of course, most obtrusive is Facebook. So, if we can say Facebook itself is the message, what is it trying to say? I’m fascinated with this question, and I have some thoughts of my own, but I’d like to hear what other people think. If Facebook itself could speak, what would it say? Please send me an email or Facebook message. I want to compile different responses and will publish a final collection later. It should be entertaining.



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