CLASSE Disbands

On Wednesday, The Montreal Gazette reported that CLASSE is disbanding following former spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ pending legal battle.  This past July 19th, leaders of the Quebec student movement, Marianne Breton (Jeunesse Militante magazine), Audrey Deveault (Dawson Student Union) and Hugo Bonin (CLASSE) came to visit Ryerson U to share their own stories and to incite some action from Ontario students, who as Marianne joked, are looking pretty content with the state of their educational system right now (and I have to agree).

One of my favourtie points was made by Hugo when he commented on how the inaccessibility of education will dramatically affect the *type of education we see, and therefore the type of people/professionals we have in the world. If students believe that they’ll only find a job through business, marketing and the like, what will become of our philosophers, and our artists and our writers? I think this is a really important and frightening thing to consider.

Should the Quebec government be allowed to come up with new rules for restricting protestors (which I would argue are unnecessary) smack in the middle of a campaign? To me this is a little like creating new voter registration rules right before voting day to try to discourage and weed people out of exercising their rights.. What do you think?

>>>See more info HERE


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