Sacred Spaces/Evolutionary Temple

© Terra Borody, 2009

Upon arriving in the desert, I found my own space in the Sacred Spaces Village (one of the more spiritual parts of town in Black Rock City Nevada) where we would live for a week with the Hare Krishnas. Each day we would meditate and do yoga and breathing exercises in the Evolutionary Temple complex (pictured above).

© Terra Borody, 2009. Villagers seeking shelter from a powerful sand storm while one member of the camp summons extraterrestrials whom she credits for the strong winds.

Our temples served as art galleries, meeting places and workshop spaces for various seminars including crystals, face reading and acrobatic yoga. As members of the village, we shared a vegan raw food kitchen and ate to the sound of the Krishna monks singing mantras of thanks at every meal.  The village was home to many intuitive healers including Holly Sparkles and other people who had lived 9 lives already…on the 3rd day a spiritual anthropologist with tattoos on his scalp taught me how to read famous faces- even Angelina’s.


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  1. Welcome to Rainbowland · July 24, 2010

    gorgeous photos. i love you.

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